Laboratory Expansion

In keeping with our ambition to develop the business, we have taken the decision to expand our laboratory, in terms of both size and capability.

We have created a much larger and more efficient wet laboratory area. This will give our chemists more space to prepare samples, run trials etc. and will also double our fume cupboard space.

In addition to this, we have purchased a new ICP-OES for our dry lab area. This means, that once the refurbishment is complete, we will be able to offer analysis using AAS, MP-AES, ICP-OES and XRF.

To further enhance our service to our customers we have employed a new Analytical Chemist bringing us to two full time chemists. John joined us at the end of October, having worked in the industry for some time. He has a wealth of knowledge and we are very much looking forward to exploring new techniques and ideas with him.

Work is under way and we’re aiming to have everything finished by early February. We don’t anticipate having much downtime and aim to provide the same fast service as usual throughout the refurbishment.

The next step for us, following this laboratory upgrade, is to become UKAS accredited. We’re in the very early stages of this, but hopefully this will be something we can achieve in the not too distant future.