Industrial & Aerospace

The industrial sector, comprising Military, Aerospace, Avionics and Automotive produces many varied and valuable recovery opportunities. Processes are tailor made to maximize the efficiency and viability of recovery. Materials handled are often sensitive or classified in nature and recovery of precious metals happens with full consultation and strategic planning.

Examples of materials handled include:

  • Platinum and gold recovery from aerospace turbine blades, vanes, stator rings & fuel nozzles
  • Silver recovery from sea water batteries
  • Specialist Brazes and Alloys
  • Decontamination/cleaning of devices/assemblies
  • Secure, certificated destruction

Over the last 5 years we have developed various methods for the recovery of Platinum from Blades and Vanes, using chemical techniques.
This technique allows us to remove the Platinum without damaging the base alloy. We can then credit our customer for the Platinum and return the base alloy for revert.
Additionally, we are able to recover Gold from Orobraze on Stator Rings, Fuel Nozzles etc.